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With a long history of heavy industrial electrical construction and a large emphasis on safety and sustainability, Burke Electric is excited to expand our services to include large scale timber utility pole inspections with state of the art Thor Poletest™ technology. This non-destructive testing technology originally developed in New Zealand is widely used around the world to quickly and accurately assess the strength and serviceability of timber utility poles, and unlike traditional sound, dig and drill inspection methods Thor technologies examines the entire pole from its ‘below ground’ base to its tip in a single test. This revolutionary technology reduces the amount of time inspections take and increases the accuracy of information we can provide the client.

Totalpole™  Know the condition of the entire pole at a glance.

Unlike other destructive and non-destructive methods that aim to assess the condition of a pole from just a single cross section reading or by using modal analysis, only TotalPole holistically assesses the entire pole length from cap to base including the portion below ground.


Line services in the field benefit from an intuitive traffic light system, showing the status of the pole and can apply appropriate health and safety practices in respect to performing other work on that pole. Talk to us now about TotalPole as well as feature upgrades available with TotalPole Plus.

PolePosition™  Ground position at a glance.

Unlike all other methodologies and technologies only PolePosition captures the GIS position of your pole for the purposes of data matching and mapping a complete picture of your network condition over time. PolePosition also examines the placement of each pole, and understands ‘embedment’ as it relates to ground type and the condition and serviceability of each pole.


An intuitive traffic light system helps line services in the field by showing the poles mobility in the ground and allowing appropriate health and safety practices to be applied when working on that pole. Talk to us now about PolePosition and feature upgrades available with PolePosition.


‘Threshold Management’ is key to providing unique control and sole discretion as to your maintenance or replacement priorities, reflecting only the serviceability policy’s of your specific network.


InsightPro™  More than just test results.

Supporting both TotalPole™ and PolePosition™, InsightPro™ is your cloud based window into the details of each of your test results as well as the one-stop-shop for understanding pole condition in the context of all asset or structure data.

Use this feature to model how small or large discretionary changes in your organizations “fail” or “pass” standards impact the volume and distribution of poles needing attention or full replacement. 

Use Threshold Management in conjunction with Health and Safety Improvement, regulatory requirements, financial budgeting and resource management programs to power smart and sustainable decisions.


The visualization suite gives users the tools to understand network pole condition geospatially and flexibly using a variety of dynamic base maps and layers.

Data is simultaneously viewable in standard table format with all elements seamlessly changing as you explore your data.


Everything you need for planning and making decisions in a single user permission driven portal experience.


Asset and structure data not relating directly to tests is easily uploaded via the simple self service data import function, making Thor Poletest a valuable system for sorting, finding patterns and reporting on legacy network information.

Automatically integrating with the visualization suite and with or without test results, only Thor Poletest helps you understand and recover insight and value from your ‘old’ data. 

Talk to us now about adding this feature.


Easily and intuitively sort, manage, filter and query your test data separately or against limitless attributes relating to timber pole structures*. Uncover insights, find the answers and report on the things that drive and support the decisions you make for your network.

*Requires Data Import feature for analysis that includes non-test data


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