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Our Philosophy & Approach to Sustainability
A Commitment to Participate in Renewable Energy Projects

With a rich history of experience in highly industrialized projects for both local and countrywide agencies, Burke has created a path to sustainability through market specialization.  This includes projects designed for renewable energy through new and existing technologies like solar, wind and hydro.

We value long term success in production as it reflects in the relationships we build with General Contractors and Owners as we continue to deliver the best possible pledge of excellence in workmanship for our customers.


We believe that shared values in this industry are integral in the success of a project, and we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of those we work alongside. Please Visit our History and Experience Page for more information regarding some of our key projects involving renewable energy.

Core Values

Quality in  Craftsmanship

There is no end to the capabilities of our workforce. From field to project  administration; we pride ourselves in the ability to communicate and deliver a quality product to even our most detail oriented cleints. 


We re-built our safety program from the ground up to make an application based program that works with the natural flow of the jobsite. We place the utmost value on the protection of our workforce, and are committed to providing them with the knowledge, experience, training, and equipment to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.


We have spent decades accumulating the most talented and sought after labor in the area in order to tackle the most complicated, ambitious and even remote work this industry has to offer. Our project experience has taken us accross the Country and even internationally; we understand the importance of efficient logistics, and continuously strive to think outside the box when the job calls for creative solutions.

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