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Burke Electric began it's high voltage line construction services division in XXXX. Since then, we have been refining our skillset in order to create one of the northwest's most efficient and specialized teams of Linemen, operators and underground techs. From substations to street lighting and platt development, and even leading edge technology for pole inspection, this teamcontinues to bring the highest level of safety, quality, and efficiency to this essential work.


High Voltage Electrical Construction Services 


Burke's team providees the highest level of safety and efficiency while installing some of the largest cable in the world. Specializing in both overhead and underground distribution, our knowledge and expertise allow us to proide reliable power distribution to our clients adn their end users.

Platt Developmpent

Providing installation from start-to-finish, Burke has built countless invaluable relationships with utilities and privtae developers alike. We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective and quality service installations to new platt developments incuding full power installation, communication raceways, CAD sanding, trenching and backfill.

Transmission Pole Inspection

Burke is now qualified to vonduct the most state-of-the-art transmissio  pole inspections. Utilizing the latest technology, the Thor Poletest™ delivers the fastest non-destructive diagnostics and most trusted business intelligence on the serviceability of timber telecommunications and power poles.


Burke Electric carries capabilities accross the baord with substation maintenance and construction as well as design/build. Specializing in switch replacement, breaker replacement (including SF6 breakers), bus work, dead end towers, H-Structures, and high voltage terminations. 

Cable Refurbishment

Now more than ever, the integrity of our most essential utility services must be maintained. Burke has been contracted to maintain countless miles of high voltage cable through refurbishment as well as UTILX cable injection rejuvination and life extension technologies. 

Street Lighting

Working with both public utlities as well as private developers, Burke's highly skilled team has cornered the planning and execution of street lighting systems to the higest possible caliber.

On Call 24/7 Emergency Response

With on call 24/7 response and mobilization, Burke Electric's line construction team has been a dependable provider for storm work and emergency overhead and underground transmission repairs.

Interested in learning more about
THOR POLTEST™ Technology?

The benefits are endless with the Non-Destructive (NDT) condition assessment using Thor Poletest™ at ground level. Click  here to visit the Thor Poletest™ website and find out what the most Reliable, Reproducible and Repeatable testing can do for you.


Why Choose Burke?

Burke Electric has been in business since 1958, and in that time we have explored many of the countless areas of expertise that electrical and line construction have to offer. We have adapted the way we do business to focus our efforts on providing the absolute highest standard of quality and efficiency on the select services that we perform best. As we continue through our 6th decade of experience, we are now returning to provide scheduled maintenance and refurbishment on existing facilities that we in fact helped construct over 50 years ago. We truly believe that experience matters, and when our generations of knowledge is maintained through the decades long retention of our most skilled craftsmen, our abilities and knowledge is as vast as it is historic.



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